‘I don’t have any particular specialist skills. I have sort of a vague knowledge of everything’ - Yokoi

My resume as follows:

Didn't know much -> Knew a little –> Knew some more –> Thought I knew a lot –> Realized I don't know much -> Have officially removed the word 'expert' from my lexicon.

Music and technology get me as excited, as do economics, foreign policy and politics. Grew up listening to Ilayaraja and Shakti, now listen to an assortment of music, mostly Jazz and Carnatic. My journey to find my music is very interesting - I will probably find a way to write it while not boring the readers. Some of my favorite albums are listed in the music page. In my world, there is no drummer beyond Zakir Hussain. Currently listening to Chris Potter a lot. I can be fed any music - even scratch - so long as there is an element of raga in it. Very temperamental about the kind of movies I’d like to watch. In my book, Shawshank Redemption is yet to be overtaken as the best movie of all times. Trying to overcome my reading handicap, through reading a lot. I write book reviews primarily to maximize my retention, and by publishing them, I make you - the reader - a collateral beneficiary. Usually take reading recos from Bill Gates or Fareed Zakaria. I failed at standup comedy before I attempted it.

@Quebec City, Aug 2019