Lets face it. No single program intended to reduce your weight will.

People who are talking about calorie-conscious diets are running into the kitchen/fridge to grab some thing good only for the tongue. Who can give up on the ice-creams and pastries and pizzas and such kind of food?

People who go to the fitness centers doing hours of workout a day are ending up with unpredictable results.

A good well-being program, in my opinion, is a combination of physical exertion, conscious diet (not necessarily measured diet), the feel-good factor and most of all, discipline.

Like millions of my friends, I have also been subject to the temptations the diet programs have to offer. Of the ones I tried, this one is interesting.

Called the GM DIET, this was originally designed for the employees of GM by the GM management. Now known widely, this program gives you a run for the sweetest substance on earth.

This is a 7-day program that has a definite schedule and there are stories of 10–15 pounds weight loss. While I dont believe them, I do think this helps clean the system and teach you a little bit of discipline.

This is what the schedule looks like:

Day#1 Vegetables except Potato and Tomato — Any vegetable, all you can eat
 Day#2 Fruits except Banana — Any fruit, all you can eat
 Day#3 Vegetables and fruits except Banana, Potato and Tomato — Any fruit, any vegetable, all you can eat
 Day#4 2 Bananas each, 3 times a day. To be consumed along with a glass of milk.
 Day#5 4 slices of bread, 1 cup of rice, 6 tomatoes
 Day#6 Soups and juices of any sort, all you can eat
 Day#7 Combination of anything you had in the first 6 days

“Heck, so what is the trouble with this? I get to eat everything on earth!”

Yes, you do. But remember, you should not take anything not explicitly mentioned. Nothing is implied.

Now, ask me what the sweetest substance on earth is, which you cannot consume even a pinch of, until the 6th day — It is SALT!