These individuals have been ranked by Forbes as the the Eight Masters of Information Know what this is? You have to first realize why this award in the first place. What is the internet’s single greatest problem today? Is it Size? Availability? Abundance of Information? Or that it is not free? Or that is free? None of these…I have always thought the internet’s searchability of information. And I figure that many people have realized that decades before I did. What this means is: take for example a search engine. When you key in some search strings and hit the go button, it is going to crawl into several billions of webpages and return to you the list of websites that have content that is related to the search strings. To a novice, this is great. I, personally, am a great fan of Google, one such engine. But these 8 people have taken the thought to the next level. Some of them are about to prove that 1000 search results is great, but 1 precisely accurate result is what is required. Some of them are taking the possibility of searching to images. Something really innovative. So here they are: Barry Diller, Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield, Jeffery Jonas, John Markus Lervik, Ellen Siminoff, Peter Norvig, Jimmy Wales. Click on the Forbes link above and know what they are into.