Back then, we used to do lot of manual, labor-intensive, time-consuming work anytime we need information about something. These days it is really simple. When the question is “where”, you go to When the question is “what”, you go to

Anyways, topic in discussion — mid-air collision (MAC)

How many times have you looked out the window while flying? Have you seen planes other than yours? I have. Atleast a couple of times while cruising and many times during descent.

Everytime I see this, I begin to think — how dangerous can a MAC be?

Wikipedia reports 21 MACs and most notably, 13 of them inside the United States, almost all of them involving a non-commercial aircraft, mostly privates.

Makes me think whats wrong with ATC here!

Of course, the deadliest ever MAC occurred when a Kazak pilot breached ATC instructions while descending to New Delhi airport in India. Reason for the death of 349 people — Lack of English language skills on part of the Kazak pilot.