This post was written by Divya.

I was watching an episode of Law and Order today where the ADA spoke of a ‘Bumblebee ringtone’ that only teenagers could hear — a ultra high frequency ringtone!

Being the ardent googler that I am, I immediately sought out to find the truth behind this whole ‘Law and Order’ theory and this is what I discovered…

While human conversations usually occur in the 200–8000 Hz range, the new ringtone developed (called ‘Mosquito’ not ‘Bumblebee’) is a ‘deafening’ 17KHz!.

Apparently, teenagers can still hear this ultra high frequenct sounds.

Apparently, adults lose the ability to hear UHF as they grow older — a syndrome called aging ear or presbycusis.

Apparently, this was marketed and used as a ‘teenage repellent’ technique by the shopkeepers to keep teenagers from loitering around.

Well, well, well — I even found a link to play ringtones starting from 8KHz to 20 KHz…try and find out yourself — are you Aging or deaf?!?!