As we step into new years, we ask ourselves few basic questions.

This year for example,

1) What are we going to write in the history books for 2007?
2) What did I achieve in 2007?
3) One more year in our lives, what does this time mark?

This is also the time of the year for more excuses for the businesses to make money, the ball to drop, astrologers to flourish, media experts to make fame.

But the one thing that I do want to highlight is — 1/1/2008 marks 25 years of the implementation of TCP/IP. Now, what does this mean to the average human being? If you are an average person doing shopping, watching movies, eating cheese burgers, having fun with your family — this doesn’t fit into your scheme of things at all, right? Wrong.

TCP/IP is the best thing the world saw after sliced bread. Without TCP/IP, we will all be disconnected people separated by the miles we live apart. We will still be in the age of Telex and Morse Code; the term snail-mail would not been coined, yet.

Today, we are in the age of doing everything but hugs and kisses, right at the click of a button — thanks to the Internet

We talk about flat worlds, we talk about being global citizens, we talk about intellectual arbitrage.

None of this would have been possible without a few technology enthusiasts building a small network of computers using this amazing technology called TCP/IP.

So, if I am asked what is the single most important thing that happened in the technology world so far in my life? Answer is simple.