Shawshank Redemption is my #1 Hollywood movie of all times. I like this movie very much. I dont like any other movie as much as I like this. I will choose this movie to any other. I dont…….you get the point.

My wifey likes this movie too. Not sure she calls it her #1, but definitely figures on her list. But what happens? What happens when I want to see this movie “one more time”? She gets frustrated. Why? As much as the movie is soulful and full of content and philosophy, it is pretty bland and straightforward.

But there’s one movie that we both are seeming to like more and more and we are like “What the heck is so special about this movie, that inspite of HBO abusing this movie play rights, we seem to watch it every single time it is played?”. We dont get bored. We dont get frustrated at each other because we are seeing it for the 17th time.

I thought I should write a review of this movie for readers of, but realized that no extent of my vocabulary will exactly convey what I want to say about this movie. So watch it and figure it out of yourself.