Last week this time, I was driving to this wonderful rainforest called El Yunque in the island of Puerto Rico (PR)

PR is part of the United States and therefore you do not need to go through immigration/customs to go to PR. The fact that PR is part of US ends right there. It is just the airport that is part of the USA. The rest of PR is a totally different land. It is 50% Spain, 50% South America and in a lot of ways, India.

I got this impression because of a few reasons. 1) Passing red lights, cutting vehicles in other lanes are all accepted norms. Distance between two cars is the distance between two lovers on the beach. 2) Their sense of time is very relaxed. 3) Unlike US, there still exist small mom & pop shops 4) Small roads 5) Less than perfect standards 6) Finally, unlike US, they do have a long-standing history, very often going back to several hundred years.

The people there are extremely courteous. They thank you for all little things (defo unlike India)

Personally, we were very excited since we visited a tropical land after a long time.

There is this little island (they call the island of PR the mainland, its funny) called Vieques, where many cars have this sticker “Why hurry, you are in Vieques”.

In all, it was a great Caribbean experience.