There are two characters in this drama. One is called E and one is called AE. E for Ego and AE for Alter-Ego. Context is E wants to buy a Mac and AE…..well…..just see what AE has got to say.

— — — — -

E: (locking the main doors of his house and heading out) tak…tak..tak…tak…

AE: hey buddy, where are you headed?

E: dont stop me this time….i made up my mind….i am headed to the apple store and will be back in a jiffy…with a mac, that is!

AE: sure thing buddy, but why a mac?

E: i told you not to question me….i am done explaining….mac is fast, there’s no virus, its sexy, i want to look cool sipping coffee at starbucks….but most of all, fuck windows 7!

(both standing next to the car)

AE: sounds like you’ve made up your mind…..neways, which model are you buying? surely you are not buying 17” macpro, are you?

E: not a 17” macpro. ‘ve got to figure out….not even sure about 15”…for $1699, its the price of 3 PC laptops….thinking of 13”

AE: dude…thats like buying a BMW with cloth seats and not having keyless entry

E: ac…(AE interrupts him and goes on)

AE: for that kinda dough, you should look at an iMac….you get 7” more and 2gb more…..

E: but with an iMac, i am stationary…..and if i am stationary, i might as well buy a 27”….its $1699, but hey, its larger than TVs most people have….

AE: watch what you are getting yourself into…

E: i know, but its a cadillac….for 4–6 months of structured credit card payments, i become the hottest dude in my circle…you know what? today is nov 1st….apple’s just come out with quad-core iMac….

AE: how much is it?

E: not much higher than the other option (mumbling to play down the price of $1999)

AE: that’s digital glutton. that’s more than how much you used to make in a year, few years ago. you know what, i am done talking with you (tries to walk away)

E: help me decide, will ya?

AE: do you need a mac today?

E: no, not exactly. i mean, when do you ever need a mac?

AE: relax buddy…..its okay to indulge… you want to buy the $999 version? has all the basics?

E: nah….nothing like the macpro….

AE: but imacs are a…..

(both walking towards the house)

E: screen is so cool

AE: you should wait it out

E: the new mouse is uber-cool

(the conversation grows indistinct and fades, after which E gets back into the house and logs on to his Windows XP laptop)