As though it wasn’t clear before, let me re-state. I never learnt music, but its amazing how much just listening can teach you. Especially in the context of Indian classical music, listening can teach you a great deal, even with respect to technical aspects.

Like one night, I woke up from my disturbed sleep desperately humming a song and ‘knew’ that song had to be Khamas. Not directly but through correlation to another song which I speculated to be Khamas. And voila, I was right. So Khamas is my subject for #9

But why now? I was watching Margazhi Raagam recently and my pick for the best song in the whole album is probably the Khamas composition, Sitapati, rendered beautifully by TM Krishna.

Raagam: Khamas

Fav#1: Kadaikkan Paarvai Mattum by Maharajapuram Ramachandran

Fav#2: Jayathi Jayathi Bharatha Maatha

There are not many lite selections for this raga. There are one or two — but I don’t particularly like them, so I am not humming them. Of the ones, I like the lightened version of Brochevarevarura from Sankarabharanam.

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