These are pics from my recent weekend trip to Burgess Falls in the Tennessean city of Sparta. You can accuse America of many things — but you can’t find fault with their preservation of forests and water resources.

National Parks
USA has 58 national parks which provide convenient and (for the most part) safe access to forests, rivers & falls and lets you experience a bit of it through its managed campgrounds etc….If you live here in the United States, chances are NPS manages a forest in your state.

State Parks
But make no mistake! National Parks in my opinion have over-shadowed the beauty and importance of state parks and other unrecognized resources of nature.

After all, the park doesn’t know whether it is national or state, does it? :P

You can do a slideshow of my recent trip by clicking here

Photography tip of the day
After several years of using DSLR, I unlocked something I always knew, but never realized. I changed the output settings from JPEG (default on most DSLR cameras) to RAW (Nikon files have a NEF extension). In conservative estimates, it quadrupled the beauty and gave me infinite potential for my future pictures. Try it.