Historically, there has been a lot of elitism associated with classical music. Which is okay, because I don’t think classical music (whether it is western or Indian) will ever be for the masses. But it is NOT okay when it shoos away even a curious listener, because the underlying theory of structures and patterns intimidates the experience of listening itself.

Case in point: Indian Classical Music (specifically the concept of Raag etc…)

As a student myself, I absolutely love the nuances and details of music. I love learning the structures and patterns, appreciating them and sharing them. But I also think that way too many people are missing the fun of listening to classical (Carnatic or Hindustani) music, because they think it is over their heads. Fact is, it is not. Adding fan to the fire are some musicians and aspiring musicians who make it sound like classical music is only for the learned.

Which is why I loved Dhanashree Pandit Rai. Watch this video and see for yourself what she has got to say:

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