It was a few weeks ago that when I read on news that an employee of the 9/11 memorial center, absconded with several thousands of dollars of cash, collected from visitors.

What an irony. Somebody should rob money from the very place that is supposed to be reminder to one of the biggest attacks on mankind.

I work in the city. Every day I have to walk past the memorial construction site (which seems to be taking forever to complete, but that’s off-topic). Everyday it’s the same people. It seems so. People taking pictures, going to the church, praying to the Holy Grail apparently created by the 9/11 debris. There are hustlers trying to sell pictures, souvenirs, stories, toilet papers with Osama’s face on it (you get the picture?) and all kinds of things.

I have been through this. When I first saw the 9/11 site, I got goosebumps. But today I feel like there’s money to be made with these visitors and that more than anything else stands to reason the memorial and the businesses around it.

I am not trying to judge this with any big-bang theory. But I just had to share this weird thought.