Unlike my previous posts in this series, this picture is not self-explanatory. Hence I will add some notes.

Let us say you read a news clip on the internet or see a great picture posted online. When you were expected to provide the author feedback, you never responded. Why? Because you were expected to write in some big text box. But then humans decided it is a rather difficult task to compile and evaluate responses from large number of people. So they invented multiple choice answers and its variants. And eventually people were given a set of words to choose from, so they can be freed from the daunting task of thinking how to describe it. The responses still did not improve. Atleast not by much. And then Facebook came. And they invented something which revolutionized how people expressed themselves. I believe this was the case (its the concept of Liking if you still haven’t figured out), because Liking represents least amount of effort and least sense of commitment from the user. What are you more likely to do? Like something or write in 100 words why you like something?

Spellbound is a series of illustrative posts depicting a trend, a message or a paradigm through use of only pictures. Of course, this particular post is an exception.