Around the same time tomorrow, I would have returned from (my hopefully terrific time) listening to Rama Varma’s rendition of classical music. Rama Varma is one of the prolific artists I discovered in the recent past. His level of precision, variety, mastery over language is commendable.

Among the different things he introduced to me is the ragam called Kunthalavarali.

A Ragam (aka Raag aka Raaga) is nothing but a certain combination of notes. It is quite mathematically intense like I have explained before. A lot of times, you don’t really have to know anything about the ragam in order to appreciate it. Hell, you don’t even have to enjoy the music — as long as it is reaching your ears — rest assured, its working its magic on you.

I know nothing about the theory of Kunthalavarali, but the effect it has on me is amazing. I guess I have to give due credits to the singers of the two songs, which have come to become my favorites.

Fav #1: Tillana sung by Rama Varma (Composed by Balamuralikrishna)

Fav #2: Bhogeendra Shaayinam by Sanjay Subramanyam (Composed by Swathi Thirunaal)

It is customary for me to mention a movie song or two for every raga I hum, but there are practically no movie songs in this ragam. Except one song by Ilayaraja, but it is highly average — so I’ll skip.

 1) Both songs I mentioned as favorites can be found on Youtube. Try them. Atleast the #1
 2) Speaking of mathematics and music, you should try this. — 
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