I follow plenty of blogs — more than hundred of them. Google reader makes life simple, but apparently not simple enough. Because I find myself ignoring feeds many of the times by clicking mark as read. But I went back to my starred feeds from a long time; following are what would have to be called my favorites based on my own reading patterns:

  • TED — For starters, TED means Technology — Entertainment — Design. I started watching this in 2007 and I have seen some fascinating speeches.
  • Devdutt Pattanaik — One of the leaders TED introduced to me was Devdutt. He provided me some insights of East V West I had never heard before. His blogs are interesting. He even made me read a book.
  • Sriram V — Chennai. Carnatic Music. 2 subjects I absolutely like and he is absolutely passionate about. Stumped by his insight, knowledge and amore of Chennai especially. I have bought a book of his that combines both subjects, but have yet to start reading.
  • Seth Godin — His books (one of which I have read) are the answer to my many questions in the areas of business and leadership. More than his books, his blog offers thought-provoking 100-word tid-bits every day.

I read lots of news, but this is also where I do most of my mark as read sins. I try to follow long-term themes such as economy/finance, energy/climate etc…If you just want to follow the big guys, read everything Paul Krugman reads or Tom Friedman reads.