Go ahead, take a look at the 4 pictures at this page. Don’t read the text above those images nor the text below. Form your own thoughts, ideas. If you are somebody that “loses” ideas, write them down. And then read on…

I believe providing somebody an illustration, a graph or an exhibit is an excellent way of stimulating their thought process and the collective output could be better than those acquired in linear processes, by an order of magnitude.

Now coming back to the graphic –

The graphic simply provides adoption of social media by corporate, world over. What you interpret from it could be very different from one person to another, based on the perceiver’s own knowledge of the subject. So here is what I interpreted from it.

I believe the pictures are really about 2 things — Twitter and Blogs. Facebook and Youtube both — in my opinion — don’t belong here; because the former is more personal networking oriented and the latter is more industry-specific (adoption needs could vary vastly from one industry to another) as well as bandwidth-intensive.

As for the real war (Blogging Vs Tweeting), here is what I “see”:

Does this bear any correlation with the results of the graphic? What do you think affects adoption of different tools by businesses?