I believe in Women Empowerment, not women equality — at least not the way most people interpret it.

My simplest definition is this — we have arrived in a women-empowered world, not when women start doing anything and everything men do, but when it does not matter. In other words, the world should be indifferent to whether a task or a job is done by a male or a female. In fact, the real empowerment does not even lie in what they do or can do, but in choice and fair treatment as it relates to education, occupation, lifestyle, beliefs, familial power etc…

I am not also implying women must do anything and everything men do. I think the two genders have their own abilities, strengths, weaknesses and beauties. After all, men cannot do everything a woman can.

Historically, women were discriminated against. Notice the two operative words. “Discriminated” implies inequality and “against” implies (women were) disadvantaged. Instead of removing “discriminated” from the equation, they are spending all their time converting the “against” into “for”.

Recognizing the identity of the sexes, I believe, is the first step towards equality. I also think it is the women that are unwilling to do this. They’d rather be protectionist and be female chauvinistic, than be in a gender-indifferent world.