Cynicism is generally viewed in bad taste — because it brings out the subject’s negative aspect. Cynicism can also sometimes be good — it allows for some off-the-cuff humor, some satire, some venting off. But is cynicism good or not? Hard to say. That is, unless you know who it comes from.

Cynicism is describing the deplorable state of something — the government, the city, the people and so on. If you are deploring something, the immediate question people are asking (or thinking) is “What did this person do about it?” or at the least, “Who is he to feel this way?”

Which is why, if you are somebody that is well experienced, well travelled, well read — chances are people will accept some cynicism from you. Because people know your credentials and they may think, you are privileged to being so.

So, the next time you want to express your cynicism, ask yourself what you did about it.