In 2007 it was phone revolution; in 2009 it was tablet revolution. 2010 will see launch of another technology revolution and this time it’s the TV.

They come in different forms and shapes, but here’s a laundry list of things that could potentially be accomplished:

  • Browse internet using TV
  • Watch open/free video applications like YouTube
  • Watch subscription based on-demand services like NetFlix
  • Watch TV programs
  • Store and listen to music
  • Listen to internet radio
  • Integrated search
  • Open the TV to the App Store concept

Currently Google TV, Apple TV, Roku are some of the exclusive devices that act as an add-on to your home entertainment array of devices. There are also TVs that come integrated with many of these features. Whether the market has appetite for dedicated devices, whether people are willing to spend the premium for difficult-to-quantify features, whether people really want their computer world to intrude into their TV world are all things we don’t know yet.

From a technology perspective, I will be watching the trends and posting on tech reviews, industry trends etc…