Fire safety inspector or fire fighter? Both jobs require different skills, they have different paychecks and have different purposes. The fighter douses the fire, sacrifices his life and well-being, and does heroic acts. He also gets the sympathies, the cameras, the donations and lot of pride.

The inspector on the other hand — well — inspects. He is not performing stunts. He minimizes the chances of a fire outbreak and tries so that a fighter is never required. The inspector is not nearly as glamorous and flashy as the fighter.

Regardless which of these two you are or would like to be, we need you and we thank you.

But the spotlight is always on the fighter, which is my gripe. People have to realize (1) both are required, (2) infact inspector always helps the fighter and the inspector is as much a hero as the fighter is and (3) it is dangerous to cut inspector jobs to pay more to the fighter.

I hope you will.