There’s a reason it is very difficult to take sides on the Wikileaks issue. Asange created a platform for people to ‘leak’ classified information and as a result, he is in a lot of trouble. Are the governments (US, Swedish, British) justified in ganging up against him and using some women matter to arrest and detain him? At the same time, is Asange justified in collapsing the security of that has remained cornerstone to diplomatic communication for decades? Is Asange really responsible or are the people that actually leaked the information to him?

If you are someone with the typical rebel teenager attitude, you are likely to think Asange is a hero — but this paradigm we have at hand defies all rules that have ever been made. On the other hand, if all information is free-for-all, governments can’t function, relationships will collapse, enemies will mushroom.

Therefore, it is difficult to take sides.

While on this topic, it is very evident that information terrorism will prove to be more devastating than arms, bio, or nuclear. We are already tasting it.

PS: Unrelated to this post, to be clear, if Asange did indulge in non-consensual relationships, he needs to be brought to justice. But we all know thats not really why he is detained.