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Sometimes it takes sheer genius and unlimited audacity to create music that defies not only the genre confines, but imagined limitations on how music can be composed. I have listened to BV Raghavendra Rao for a long time — through many of his accompaniments in traditional carnatic music as well as fusion experiments with the Vikku’s family of musicians. Of course, his tutelage and repertoire is unmistakable. The other two of the trio is new to me — I got introduced to Navin Iyer through his performance as the solo flautist for the first-ever attempt on celebration of Ilayaraja’s Nothing But Wind. DA Srinivas — though I have not heard this name, I somehow feel like I have listened to him for years. Three for the music is a collaboration of string, wind and percussion with influences from Western Classical, Irish folk, Carnatic, African etc….Whatever they do, the grace in and the purity of their creation is thoroughly enjoyable.