I began to share this article on Twitter, but couldn’t wrap my comments about this article within 140 characters. Caught in the web of local trivia and party politics, the media companies — both TV and print — fail to educate people on the long-term issues such as this one.

Is This How Wars Start? — By Ishaan Tharoor (yes for your next question)

This is an article describing the ever-present fragility in the relationship between India and China, their existing (land) border conflicts, their significance as the two most powerful countries in Asia and their emergence likely as the two most powerful in the world.

In the backdrop of all these issues, India (ONGC specifically) is exploring energy exploration opportunities in South China Sea, which seems to be rubbing China on the wrong side and it does not take a lot for this issue to exacerbate the pre-existing conditions and potentially cause a war — something neither the two countries nor the world can afford.

Excellent read and I liked the posture of the author and his expertise in capturing the right people into his article.