I enjoy writing technical reviews on new products and technologies. I have reviewed most gadgets I have bought. As I write reviews, one of the things I would like to ensure is the review is balanced and factual.

I bought the iPhone 4S last week, but I am recusing myself from doing a review — because I believe I may have gotten a little less impartial about the way I write reviews for Apple products. Hence I decided to publish a list of reading suggestions, which are either iPhone 4S reviews or comparative reviews of leading smartphones (as of this writing — iPhone, Bionic and S2)

The next web


In addition, if you are interested in reading detailed hardware performance reviews, chip-level analysis and are scientifically-inclined you should follow teardown sites. They rip apart, quite literally, every new device that hits the market and provide you insights. I just love reading these sites, because they are a hardware guy’s delight and skip the usual jazz. There are many teardown sites, but I recommend Anandtech.

PS: I have written iPhone reviews, since the original phone released in 2007 — but have generally kept myself “outside the story”, may be because I never owned one before.