UN designates years to recognize a cause. The Chinese calendar associates years with animals. Leading magazines wait till December to attribute the year to a significant event that happened during the year. I believe this year we don’t have to wait until December to identify what 2011 is likely to be known for.

If you see what happened with Arab World (2011 Arab Spring uprisings alone impacted 16 countries, affected 30,000+ lives, including those from Egypt, Tunisia and Libya), India (the Hazare movement for protests against corruption, among other things, injuring 50 people, causing huge social and political unrest), and the United States (OWS protest against capitalism and capitalistic explanations to why US is where it is today, resulted in at least 700 arrests, quickly expanding both nationally and internationally), it is not hard to conclude that this year belongs to populism.

I am connecting the dots, that’s all.