Its amazing what the possibilities are, when you apply the “simple is difficult” angle to our life and the things that are part of it. Being an alumnus of Apple Inc must have given the Nest team enough publicity to do a roaring launch of a product, otherwise mostly ignored.

Nest is a thermostat, which redoes the way we look at thermostat. Don’t be fooled by the commercials — it does not do anything fundamentally different from the one you have at home. But it does a few things right (a) it provides a pleasing aesthetic — which by itself is enough to kick every thermostat in the market out of business (b) it addresses the needs of a savvy user, in terms of user interface, connectivity etc… (c) it adds a slight flavor of intuitiveness to the way thermostat settings are programmed.

Will this be enough to justify the $249 price and to trash your existing thermostat?

Time will tell. Meanwhile checkout more details at