With so much great music around, I figured it was dumb to use stock sounds as ringtones. I set out to creating a few ringtones myself, using great compositions others have created from time to time.

Would like to share few of those for your enjoyment. You may, of course, download these and use it on your phone. I am including both MP3 versions and also including 3-step instructions for making this work on your iPhone. Full songs are not suitable for ringtones — especially in phone cultures where users are directed to VM after 3 rings, hence I have kept the duration of ringtones to 30 seconds or less, which also means some thought has gone into which segment I chose for a particular song J

  1. Non, Je ne regrette rien — by Charles Dumont
  2. Azhagu Nilavu — by Ilayaraja
  3. Seer Konduvaa — by Ilayaraja
  4. Dancing in Breezes — by U Shrinivas
  5. The Wish — by John Mclaughlin
  6. Den Bortkomne Sauen — by Carter Burwell

About each of these I can write long stories on why and how I picked each one of them and how I perceive these sounds, but I will let the sounds speak for themselves.

Here’s how you can make these MP3s work on your iPhone as ringtones:

1. Add the MP3 to iTunes (like you would any other song) 2. Right click on the track and click on “Create AAC version” 3. Right click on the newly created AAC version and select “Show in Windows Explorer” 4. The file will have a M4A extension, rename it to have a M4R extension instead 5. Your new ringtone is ready. Import it to iTunes and sync with your iPhone