Someone on TED asked, “What are 5 things you have learned that has completely changed your life?”

Answers varied from truistic (“Life is short”) to mundane (“Learn to bike / learn to dive”) to profound (“True altruism doesn’t exist”) to weird (“Accept and surrender”) to breve (“Listen”) to narcissistic (“I, I, I, I, I”) to thought-provoking (“Do not mistake comfort for happiness”) to random (“Women are the answer to fixing that penis-driven agenda”) to really verbose.

Oh well, I hope it means something to them.

Since TED DFs are sometimes better than average DFs, I chose to respond. So here are my 5.

1) Life is unfair 2) Not virtues, but economics drives rules of everyday life 3) The longer you are in denial of the first two, the longer you will suffer 4) Goodness is under-rated, but it is possible for one to be “good” if we put our mind to it. (Goodness = absence of bias, hatred, jealousy, vengeance AND presence of empathy) 5) God is the most under-understood concept in the world, yet wars have been fought, entire civilizations have disappeared because of it 6) Status Quo is the #1 enemy of human beings 7) (You asked for 5, but hey,) we got to make our own rules

What are your 5? You may respond here or on TED Conversations.