I had previously hosted my blog on Wordpress hosted version, using AWS’s EC2 based hosting service, which in turn used a Wordpress Multisite AMI from Bitnami.

Everything went well. Until it did not.

One day I noticed my blog had crashed. I started troubleshooting and several hours later, I found myself asking me 3 questions —

  1. Why did the site crash?
  2. How did I forget the MySQL root password
  3. Why am I here?

#3 was perhaps the most important. Over years, I had become conversant with LAMP, but I am not a L guy, A guy, M guy or P guy. All I ever wanted to do was focus on content, but here I was doing everything else.

Lets face it — Medium has serious gaps. Many out of the box features of WP are either unavailable or needed a support case. But the amount of focus you are able to bring back to content is just too valuable.

If you are curious, I recovered data using a EC2 snapshot. Do yourself a favor, if you still have to go with Wordpress, please do not use Multisite.